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From: Bubba
Subject: Duffy Odum


Years ago when I saw a segment by Laurie Pike on a UK channel 4 show 'Manhattan Cable', I heard Duffy Odum singing the song "Gotta Get Me One of them Fondas". I don't suppose you got that in your archives? If so would you consider putting it on youtube or your own site?

Thanks Bubba

From: Duffy Odum
Subject: Them Fondas

I think about this song all the time. But I thought I never sang it, not even on TAMS. It certainly wasn't on TV Pizza. I'm confused, as usual.
Love you, DuFFy

From: Duffy Odum
Subject: Them Fondas

I'd thunk and I thunk and all I remember is it's the Ted Turner story, he a movie nut since he was a boy, and he's sittin' under one of his daddy's billboards thinkin' bout "ah can't wait nuther minute longa, I gotta get me one a'them Fondas." Don't remember a lot of DeAundra's shows cause we didn't do 'em on Tuesdays much.
xxoo- DuFFy

Click Here to Watch
Duffy Odum
Gotta Get Me 1 of Them Fondas
on The American Music Show

I like to see Cookie Watkins at lime light sing Rebel Yell


Carnetta - Cleaning up from the New Year's and getting ready for King Day (the favorite of all holidays here in Atlanta), the first tape we found was Cookie performing with her band at Kenny's Castaway's. Hope that's fun for you and thanks for asking.

Click Here to Watch
Cookie Watkins
at Kenny's Castaway's
Let Your Body Sweat

Back in mid 80s, right out of high school, I was broke and could not afford to take my girlfriend out to the movies or theater or any sporting events. However, some of the best entertainment was to be had right at home watching Jim & Tammy swindle the world on the PTL television network. I have never seen such great entertainment. Please play any of that old footage.


On this New Year's Eve, the nightclub where Funtone USA's COCKTAIL GIRLZ were scheduled for concert, the police shut the club down right before midnight. That's how we were fortunate to be home and taped this fabulous PTL moment with Tammy Faye, Tammy Sue and Jim.

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Tammy Faye and Tammy Sue singing
Lean on Me
on PTL New Year's Eve Party

136 Nelson's New York from September 19, 1986: Ethel Eichelberger,Kennan, Michael London, Lypsinka, Stephen Saban, Coney Island, Mystery Girls, fiery jump over watermelon, Shame Shame Shame by Bunny and Special Love, Man to Man, RuPaul at The Saint, Tish and Snooky, Dean Johnson, cookie Watkins, Wedding by Limelight anti-theatre group

Wood Cut

Wood Cut

That tape you requested is 2 hours long so all of it won't fit right here. So, instead, are two of the sharpest acts from it for you to sample and enjoy

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Tish & Snooky and Dean Johnson
live at The Limelight

My high school Drama Club is considering mounting a production of "The Anthrax Man" for our entry in the All-State Drama Club Roundup next May.

Could you please put up any video you have of the Palmetto Dinner Theatre's production of that so some of our new Drama Club members who haven't seen "The Anthrax Man" could get an idea of how it works on stage.

I saw the video you had of that last year and it was rad!

Collins MacKenzie


The Palmetto Dinner Theatre wouldn't let us tape the whole show; but the part we did tape is really powerful theatre.

Click Here To Watch
The Anthrax Man
Wayne Hollowell - Was wondering where he is and how I can see the work he's done!!??

Diane K

"Save the planet: hug a human" Check out my art!

Wayne - the director of RuPaul's fabulous films Mahogony II, American Porn Star and Voyeur - was in New York City the last time anybody knew.

As for watching some of his work, here's one of Wayne Hollowell's short art films, Vampire Hustlers, starring Trade, Spicey and Wanda Peek. Enjoy!

Click Here To Watch
Wayne Hollowell's
Vampire Hustlers
Ok, I admit it, I'm a HUGE Lady Bunny freak!

I'd love to see any of Nelson's fabulous footage of The Bunny, especially anything with Shazork! Perhaps this one..."Shazork at Zulu Lounge; Bunny at Southern funk May 23 and May 1, 1986"?

-Mistress M

Mistress Darling - it is such a big step for you to come out like that publicly, so for your reward here's Bunny with Shazork at The Pyramid Club plus the very first public appearance of Bunny ever when she won the Miss 688 Beauty Contest in Atlanta

Click Here To Watch
Ease on Down the Road

Click Here To Watch
The Debut of
Lady Bunny
any Wee Wee Pole you've got.



Wee Wee Pole was RuPaul's first band so we've got a lot. And there's more Wee Wee Pole showing right now on The American Music Show Channel

And Robert - you've got a great website too!
Click Here for Robert's website

Click Here To Watch
Wee Wee Pole
at Rumors in Atlanta
doing Body Heat

Dear Funtone Friends...

I would love to hear and watch The Singing Peak Sisters performing What A Friend We Have in Jesus and/or Glenn Campbell's Gentle On My Mind.

Thanks for all the Fun Times!


Here are they are performing Gentle on My Mind riding a float in The America Music Show's Mardi Gras Parade

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The Singing Peek Sisters
Gentle On My Mind

Looking for sassy 2000 version of blue moon over kentucky
johnny sue

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Blue Moon of Kentucky


i love the site!

i was wondering if you had any copies of the butthole surfers at the 688 or at the Celebrity club fer sale. i am pals with King and Jeffand and i know they'd be stoked to hear \ see any old footage from those venues especially.

hope all is well,


we've only got one video of a Butthole show. It was at 688 in Atlanta and was taped by Nelson Sullivan who went to the show with Larry Tee that night around 3am. Here's a clip from that fine event, almost 20 years ago.

Click Here To Watch
The Butthole Surfers
at The 688 Club

Dearest Dear,

Sometime last year, at my request, Funtones kindly posted a Quicktime file in Legends of New York entitled "Legends of Vogue." My hard drive recently crashed, and, consequently, I lost all of my precious video files of people voguing. Such videos are very rare, and now I feel as though I'm going to die if I don't somehow get them back.

Is there anypossible way I could persuade you to provide me with this [and/or otherrelated videos] again? If you feel it would be too taxing on your site's resources, I'll be glad to set up an FTP account on my own server so that you can upload anything having to do with voguing that you mighthave. Let me know either way.

All my love, Nicholas Scholl

It's no fun doing without. Nicholas, here's your request and keep it in more than one place this time.

Click Here To Watch
Legends of Vogue

requesting a video clip w/ with Lady Hennessy

Do you have any info on her past and future performances?

I couldn't find much on her in the search engine


Don't know anything about the Lady Hennessy right now, but here's a clip of one of her amazing tush tricks at Susanne Bartch's Copa party

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Lady Hennessy at The Copa

I enjoyed seeing the Das Furlines video clips on your page. Would it be possible to put on something from The Mad Violets show you have? (Tape 94 in the Nelson Sullivan collection)

I remember they used to end their sets witha great Hey Joe/Love Power medly, so I'd like to see that if it's there, but if there's something on the tape you think is better, I'd have no complaints.

Black Monk

These are from the Pyramid Club's Garage Band competition, and the Mad Violets didn't end their show with your request. But these 2 clips are fun anyway

Click Here To Watch
The Mad Violets
Born To Be Wild

Click Here To Watch
The Mad Violets
Proud Mary

love to see das furlines or any of the old Scott Whitman/Mark Shaiman shows. Katy K

For you Katy K, everything and more always!

Click Here To Watch
Das Furlines Cooking Song
2 from the Scott Whitman / Mark Shaiman production of Peter Pan at Danceteria

Click Here To Watch
John Sex as Peter Pan
I Gotta Crow

Click here To Watch
Wendy and John Sex
Call for Tiger Lily
2 from the Dukes and Divas at Limelight

Click Here To Watch
Johnny Thunders and
the Dukes and Divas Cast
Peace, Love & Undertanding

Click Here To Watch
The Katy K song


Deb O'Nair turned me on to your excellent site. So many memories, so many parties. I would love to see # 114, Haoui Montag, may he RIP. Thank you for creating this website and saving a wonderful part of our cultural history.


Sue Lashley

It's fun to know you enjoy it! Here's Haoui introducting Kristi Rose at the New Music Seminar

Click Here To See
Haoui Montag and Kristi Rose
more Das Furlines!

Whiskey Dogg


Click Here To Watch
Wendy Wild
at The Pyramid Club

Click Here To Watch
Das Furlines in Atlanta

Hello Fun Tone people!! I am Deb O'Nair, keyboardist of the ledgendary Das Furlines...I would just love to see the video you have of the Das Furline live at Maxwell's(#139).

Nice to hear from you Deb! Das Furlines were so much fun. Thanks for all that energy you girls put out. We can still feel it even now!

Click here to See some
Das FurlineN5p`% ,Ia+eK%A.s_ܤ!g7Sed6ourvLJP%T{{5x"(?& b!sԟi]Ak'j6!shӁf?p %-G(%' t? j0"sShR{pr%ذpOqP: 6 C(Z ( 6ξI>ˉ_//orꡘ.B䮲Yu fsjrVoH}k ㋮+EP5anBU`ɔ~2)V1pY֧Ij++ ^$Cϔ]Zڇ#`;#IKVۻϥЙS\} H\ 8ߟ >a, v A؜4)ix-uq}?pWqs8x'x8r˥=͆uP0- ^HL~3/ -kx' 㯝rt5/os&D q.?0ç%% Vm. t1h`htt 3It(:8bptx:``'ef@/ ty)V^qoP@B+Ip4]e@jyb-pNX Ea@`0 ^ӞѨ6g+_B?kox??dmV&~+],PC X?ir{Drh>'20aqص"tmI4 u+@˱ŋS8(4Ea{".#׍4څrS'C_*G5 a݄4<>p4cS 8e!\4 Kf#syc 02 6 v)aub#v<`4hvh(;fp}8 j#m~?Ioi vIOmh!! x fo^~ZWkgC`9 o_goUWN ]c T/, !T=R& 3!+zA%e+m +$RX: _$G^$ \Yr~iCY#'qty\}QV1s ; whw h8vǠxF=v bu<#I(:;uQ< %o 9)羴?V#=ϝJo]wY~5%G/= L.XrYK)mv#-oJ$'=5,Hv?%2aߌ=?:X> oYc\#c8RC$# df=ooV[ ,|?V540? ` WpCdnfc/cu0a+N԰r2 ,.,@ uaCѠ