The Battered Wives videos are back for The Horror Days.

The Christmas Holiday Season all the way to and including The Superbowl is the most painful year-part for America's and Atlanta's Battered Wives. The American Music Show's Battered Wives Specials are our small way of lessening the hurt. Please take time out to encourage a battered wife near you this holiday season and year-round if you have the chance.

Free Prizes make the Holidays Happier
even for Battered Wives

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Guess My Injury

The Miss Merry Christmas Battered Wife Holiday Pageant

Battered Wives competed for bullet-proof vests and aqua lungs as well as the pageant title in this American Music Show Bttered Wives Holiday Special that should have won some awards.
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The Miss Merry Christmas
Battered Wife Pageant

Easy Holiday Recipes for the Battered Wife

Mrs. X demonstrates a recipe from the Battered Wives Cookbook for boiled corn and pickles with parsley and lettuce that can be kind of easily made with 2 broken hands.

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The Battered Wives Cookbook

If you are - or know of - a battered wife this Christmas,
Kid Cha Cha can help.

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Kid Cha Cha's
Safety Tips
for Battered Wives

There's lots more fun to watch on
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