The new DVD from the Nelson Sullivan Video Collection FABULOUS FRIENDS premiered at the We Were The 80's show at Albert Crudo's AVALANCHE Gallery in New York City. Patrick McMullen, Paula Gately Tilllman, Liz Lizzard were the featured photographers along with the art of Christina and the videos of Nelson Sullivan. Presented here are excerpts from this exciting new DVD and information on how to make this remarkable and fun DVD your very own.

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At The Chelsea

The tortured transvestite Christina spent her final days in the Chelsea Hotel. In this touching treatment, Nelson escorts Christina from the Chelsea to the Pyramid Club to see a performance by pioneering transsexual punk rocker Jayne County

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Nelson and Christina
from the Chelsea
to the Pyramid Club

The Celebrity Club

Mixing well-known NYC celebrities with wannabes, the Celebrity Club became a circus for future stars once Michael Alig ensconced it at the Tunnel (how do you say RuPaul and Deee-lite). In these sequences, experience a typical night at one of Manhattan's most infamous clubs. Find out the true backstory with the special commentary track by Larry Tee and Lahoma Van Zandt.

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The Judy Parade

On the 20th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riot, Nelson walks through Greenwich Village to the site of the Stonewall to witness the commemoration of the funeral of Judy Garland which took palce on the same day in 1969.

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The Judy Parade

La Palace de Beaute

Larry Tee's elegant musical creation La Palace de Beaute featured a bevy of beautiful girls - in this bonus video on the Fabulous Friends DVD , it's RuPaul and Lahoma. Later, La Palace de Beaute became the name of Larry Tee's smart nightclub on Union Square. On this evening at The Pyramid Club, Nelson captures their performance of The Playboy, their first nightclub hit. There is an additional La Palace song on the DVD not exerpted here. It's Big Daddy, Lahoma's tribute to The South's battered wives.

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La Palace de Beaute
The Playboy

Christina Performs

Christina has become even more legendery following her protrayal by Marilyn Manson in the major motion picture Party Monster. In this, another bonus on the Fabulous Friends DVD, you can behold Christina's grandeur and on stage personna as she performs at Whispers at The Pyramid Club

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Christina's Performance
at The Pyramid Club

RuPaul's Welcome Home Party

RuPaul returns from the West Coast and Nelson throws one his eclectic all-night parties with all the best guests. RuPaul gets toasted, so do the guests and it's loads of fun. We don't get to see RuPaul like this anymore.

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RuPaul's Welcome Home Party

This is reality television that is really real. Nothing is made up or faked. What Nelson videotaped actually happened. It was fun to do then. It's fun to watch now now

Fabulous Friends on DVD is on sale now for $25.00, which includes free shipping worldwide.

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