John Sex was the most exciting entertainer in Downtown New York until he lost his life to AIDS in early 1989. He was admired by Andy Warhol, best friends with Keith Haring, and an abundantly creative entertainer who blended dance, rock and Broadway into a Las Vegas spectacle that was oh-so sassy-fying. Fortunately for us today, he was also friends with Nelson Sullivan who videotaped many of his fabulous shows. Please enjoy The Joy of John Sex from the Nelson Sullivan Video Collection

An entire John Sex nightcub show is now available on DVD. Over 30 minutes of John Sex plus features on his friends Keith Haring and Andy Warhol. These videos by Nelson Sullivan will show you the magic of Downtown New York in the 1980s.

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I want to be in the Jet Set.

Yes he was! Watch John Sex's signature striptease as he performs Jet Set at his own birthday part at The Saint

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Those fabulous costumes - those beautiful girls!.

John is joined on stage by his favorite girl Katy K, designer of many of his lavish costumes. In this clip, John performs Girls with his all-girl band at The Cat Club.

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Broadway John!.

Before he became the Tony-award-winning composer of Hairspray, Scott Whitman produced lavish Broadway-inspired extravaganzas at nightclubs across Manhattan. John Sex was one of his favorite stars. In these videos Nelson recorded at Danceteria, John sings "I Gotta Crow" and in a duet with Wendy Wild "Call for Tiger Lily" - both are from Scott Whitman's inspired production of Peter Pan.

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John Sex
I Gotta Crow

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John Sex & Wendy Wild
Call for Tiger Lily

The Bad Boys Club.

John Sex never missed a trick. He pulled out all the stops when mixed The Bad Boys with The Bodacious Ta Tas. See for yourself as John does his dance hit Hustle With My Muscle - then watch the Hustle With My Muscle music video produced by Tom Rubnitz

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live at the Bad Boys Club

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Friend and Family.

John got a kick out of bringing friends into the act. At this performance at The Pyramid Club close pal Craig Vandenberg is John's washed-up-show-biz dad.

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at the Pyramid Club

Tonight is the across the town celebration for John Sex's birthday. After John's performance that night at The Saint, John, Wendy Wild, Alexis del Lago and an unknown friend ride to 14th Street for an afterparty. Enjoy the ride from Nelson's vantage point in the front seat.

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A Taxi Ride
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Tom Rubnitz was a prolific East Village filmmaker who produced 2 music videos for John. He also did this quickie fun movie trailer to promote John's career.

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Such a nice guy!

When John was sick with AIDS, another of his close friends Phoebe Legere wrote a song for him for inspiration called One Hot Minute. Listen to it while you watch some images from John's brief but joyous and rewarding life

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Micki French, an original Bodacious Ta Ta, sent this fun picture of John and the Girls.
Thank so much for sharing Micki!

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John Sex
Bump and Grind
music video by Tom Rubnitz

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John Sex Rock Your Body

Richard Metzger, who lived with Nelson Sullivan for a while at 5 Ninth Avenue, directed this super music video for John and his co-stars The Bodacious Ta-Ta's. It's a genuine masterpiece and a wonderful tribute to one our most favorite entertainers and all-the-way nice guys, John Sex!

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