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This is reality television that is really real. Nothing is made up or faked. What Nelson Sullivan videotaped actually happened. It was real fun to do then. It's real fun to watch now.

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Gabriel Rotello's Eclectic Circus

Gabriel Rotello is now producing an autographical movie of Cherry Vanilla and soon will be at work on Holly Woodlawn's own major motion picture "Low Life in High Heels". But, back in the day, he was producing imaginative shows all over New York.

Eclectic Circus, produced by Gabriel Rotello at Limelight March 11, 1986, might only be remembered were it not for Nelson's video of that outrageous event. In these excerpts presented here, you'll enjoy stellar performances from nightlife's still sparkling stars including the only occurance of Karen Finley in the Nelson Sullivan Video Collection.

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Lady Bunny

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Joey Arias & Katy K
Love Is Strange

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Let's Go
Boogie Boogie Boogie

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The Pop Tarts
Hollywood Wives

Nelson Sullivan's Journal Intime was a feature in the Paris Gay and Lesbian Film Festival October 14-23, 2005

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Karen Finley

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