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Mad About Manhattan

The Club Kids Party

Legends of New York!

Fabulous Friends

The Club Kids Caught On Tape

Nelson guest stars as a Singing Peek Sister in one of the RuPaul Is Starbooty Adventures on this new DVD.

The Starbooty Trilogy

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The Joy of John Sex

Fun Times With Wendy Wild

The East Village Superstars

The Warhol Superstars

Gabriel Rotello's Eclectic Circus

New York City's Music of the Night

Nelson Sullivan was an eyewitness to the Out Gay Culture that emerged during the worst of the AIDS crisis in 1980s New York City.

Nelson Sullivan was in the center of a swirl of creativity that swept through Downtown New York in the 1980s. Fortunately for us today, he was there with his video camcorder creatively documenting the entertainment, the personalities, and the places that produced some of the most exciting stars of today.

Nelson has been described as the "Proust and Nureyev of the cinematograph." Nelson died suddenly of a heart attack on July 4, 1989, but he left behind a treasure of video, clips from which you can enjoy right here.

The Fabulous World of Nelson Sullivan - preserved on videotape

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The beautfiul Sylvia Miles at the Chelsea Hotel's 100th Birthday Party.

Nelson honors RuPaul with at party at 5 Ninth Avenue

Deee-lite performs at the Funtone USA Party.

The one-and-only John Sex




'Nelson & Christina' and 'Amnesia at Gay Day" - 2 videos produced by Robert Coddington from the videos of Nelson Sullivan - will be screened at the 2007 Newfest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in New York City.

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Monologue for TV Show
from the new European DVD Nelson Sullivan Volume # 1
The Climage Group of Lausanne in association with Points de Vues of Paris recently released the first of 2 Volumes of Nelson Sullivan's videos. The 2nd volume is scheduled to appear in the Spring of 2006. Volume 1 includes Nelson's Monologue for TV Show - the television program Nelson was preparing to launch, until his sudden death 2 days after this video was recorded stopped that. Nelson's flowing style is of particular interest to the European visual artists. For more information about this new DVD, visit the Climage website.

James St. James - The Twilight Zone Episode
You'd think they'd all be so wicked - those exclusive VIP rooms secreted at the back of the club. But in the Twilight Zone, the reality is many times different.

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in The Twilight Zone

On November 19, 2005, in Sao Paulo Brazil, the Festival Mix Brasil premiered a new mulit-screen presentation of Nelson Sullivan's videos of New York's spectacular nightlife of the 1980s. Entitled "We're All On The List" and produced by Robbie Coddington, this 70 minute visual treat sweeps its viewers past the velvet ropes into the trendiest of nightclubs with the VIP treatment few in the real world can expect. Offered here is one dazzling glimpse from that presentation especially for you to enjoy.

You need quicktime 7.0.3 for this video to play (but not for the other ones on this site).

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International Chrysis, Leigh Bowery, James St. James

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Susanne Bartsch's Party
for Leigh Bowery at Bentley's


David, co-captain of America's most sparkling magazine PAPER, just wrote a fun blog about Nelson. Here's one of Nelson's videos of PAPER's sparkling presentation celebrating their 5th anniversary at Susanne Bartch's Love Ball at Roseland.

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Love Ball Presentation
featuring Joey Arias

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at Papermag

Nelson Sullivan's Journal Intime was a feature in the Paris Gay and Lesbian Film Festival October 14-23, 2005

Two of Nelson's Favorites

Nelson loved so much going to the restaurant 7A, at the corner of Avenue A and 7th Street in the East Village a few doors down from the Pyramid Club. There the celebrities of the East Village would gather for food or visiting and almost everybody they wanted to see might come walking by.

Nelson also loved his Aunt Nancy very much. She resided in Kershaw SC, Nelson's childhood home, and lived a solitary existence entertaining herself by riding around in her Pontiac drinking a Sprite or a Pepsi Cola.

As these 2 Nelson videos show, even the simplest things can bring remarkable joy.

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An Afternoon at 7A

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A Ride With Aunt Nancy

See how Nelson applied his talent in this mini-documentary by acclaimed independent filmmaker Laurie Weltz

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Nelson Sullivan: Video Vampire by Laurie Weltz

Nelson Sullivan has been an engaging subject for many prominent writers. Some of the most informative of their articles are available online for your illumination.

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Nelson was with the Club Kids from the start.

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Goofin' Around At The Pyramid
Those Club Kids can have fun anywhere - even (or maybe especially) in the loo. In this video clip, you'll do some late-night hanging out with Michael, James, Keoki, Larry Tee, and and all those other fun people they meet just goofin' around.

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Goofin Around At Pyramid

Nelson's Videos are distributed in Europe by Climage

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Glimpses of Leigh Bowery's Birthday Party

Sister Dimension, Tom Rubnitz, Lahoma, RuPaul and The Pop Tarts are among the VIP guests as Leigh Bowery celebrates his birthday at his elegant downtown apartment on 2nd Avenue. Join Nelson as he records the ecstasy of this fabulous event.
Exerpted from the exhibit Nelson Sullivan's Downtown edited by Steve Lafreniere

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Glimpses of Leigh Bowery's Birthday Party

The Lady Bunny

Hey - it's the 20th Anniversary of the arrival of Lady Bunny in New York City in 1983 and now she's a legend there. She and Nelson were video companions when she got off the bus, and they bickered off and on ever since. This is the mini-movie they made one afternoon. Also staring are Bubblicious and Lurleen Wallis. The music's Now Explosion's. BTW: Lady Bunny is touring America this Spring 2003 with the Absolut Out draq queen revue.
produced and edited by Nelson Sullivan June 26, 1985

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Lady Bunny starring in Bunny Chase

Michael Musto and Albert Crudo

Michael Musto has been going from chic event to sleeze event with Albert Crudo for it seems like ages since his informative gossip column began in the Village Voice and even before. They always asked Nelson to accompany them for entertain? N3E+%W ^ /~>".]a%_?(A/.^Ov $Bj/6:A(w:5] W '8n4ooř/LIJ0׈w 5ᄇ: EW 1B`ص2~3u+DnU`!dC|V,rWW ° O [WpD@y4jB5u .aۙIbCr9sW* o<_2 loo/__oss,LxOx9 OcW+ ,qUd*t")cՊ"  .RAwݝ-AV  bW, ]C$GL sDBS0(W$O+qܖ,&rWW- T, jvbx/o x 7W"ˈ8x!:՝'\Y3|"hC0ӒW. [27=9Λ/Fq8I.%T#ӠxQ{P